Set an allowance when you add a user

There’s a lot packed into this update!

Slight change when adding a user to make things both clearer and ensure accuracy of data from the outset. You now specify annual allowance and start date on the form when you are adding the user. Timetastic will suggest a pro-rata calculation based their start date. 📋

Alongside this, we’ve changed the pro rata calculation to align with the same logic the UK government suggests in their calculation.

Pro rata is now more reliably offered when you create a user with a start date in your year. It’s now also offered to mobile users too! 📱

And you can pro rata for a user starting next year.

This is the first step in our journey to simplifying and improving our allowance setup.

Other fixes

  • Fixed the “Change Photo” function in the Profile modal for non Admin users.
  • Fixed the Book form not showing up when you try to book time off on a locked date
  • Fixed an issue in the API where records might show up in multiple pages