• Fixed an issue where you can add multiple bank holidays to a single day 😱

  • Sorted a problem where booking the last day of the year off won't show up in your annual summary report for that year.

Wallchart & Profile improvements

  • When scrolling forward to a new leave year (or back to a previous one), your remaining allowance now updates as you cross years. 🙌🎆🎉

  • Users with permission to edit their own profiles (Admins, Department Bosses) can now edit them directly from their profile in the top right.

Preferences Page

New things

  • We've moved the Colour blind toggle out of your profile and into its own Preferences page.

  • You can also unsubscribe (or re-subscribe) to marketing emails from here. 📧

Fixed things

  • Adding bank holidays with certain cyrillic or Chinese characters wouldn't work. Now it does.

  • The Made in Manchester logo now points to our Changelog rather than Twitter

Mobile Updates & Fixes

Lots of maintainance fixes this time:

  • Improvements / fixes for Google signin on mobile (especially iPhone) 📞
  • The Apple app now supports iPad
  • Further UI improvements for devices

And a bugfix:

  • Hourly users can now book upto midnight if their work schedule permits

Happy Friday, take some time off, get out there and see the world! 🌎

UI Improvements

We've improved the screen for cancelling your Timetastic account, to make it clearer what you're about to do (😬)

We've also improved the UI and layout for iPads

Editing user profiles

One for Admins/Department bosses:

You can now edit/update a user's profile 📋 from their calendar.

Just click their name, edit what you need and save. ✅


Privacy & speed improvements

We've improved the way we store, update and serve Avatars for better privacy 🔏 and much more speed 🏎.

You might notice the Wallchart and Users pages loading faster now.

Bug fixes

  • IOS Google SSO bug fixed
  • Locked dates bugs fixed
  • Mobile tweaks

Strong Card Auth

The nights are drawing in, but here's some nice updates to keep you going:

1) Billing updates, as we head towards strong card auth (…)

2) Loads of mobile tweaks and improvements 📱

More fixes

The carry forward date is displayed correctly now in Settings.

The Colour Blind toggle was showing in the user edit page on mobile. Fixed that.

Adding TOIL only showed the delete button on the 1st row until you reloaded it. Fixed that too 🙂