Public Holidays now in Calendar Summary

This was a feature requested by a customer, such a nice simple addition that should help you to see public holidays for a user.

In the Calendar summary you'll now see the amount of Public Holidays for that year assigned to a user. If they've got Public Holidays turned off, or no public holidays for that year you won't see anything.


Backend improvements

It's Monday, it's time for a new changelog! 🙌

  • Backend improvements and fixes for Public Holidays (especially UK and Scotland ones)
  • Backend code to power a holiday calculator that's coming soon.


  • Fixed an issue where you can add multiple bank holidays to a single day 😱

  • Sorted a problem where booking the last day of the year off won't show up in your annual summary report for that year.

Wallchart & Profile improvements

  • When scrolling forward to a new leave year (or back to a previous one), your remaining allowance now updates as you cross years. 🙌🎆🎉

  • Users with permission to edit their own profiles (Admins, Department Bosses) can now edit them directly from their profile in the top right.

Preferences Page

New things

  • We've moved the Colour blind toggle out of your profile and into its own Preferences page.

  • You can also unsubscribe (or re-subscribe) to marketing emails from here. 📧

Fixed things

  • Adding bank holidays with certain cyrillic or Chinese characters wouldn't work. Now it does.

  • The Made in Manchester logo now points to our Changelog rather than Twitter

Mobile Updates & Fixes

Lots of maintainance fixes this time:

  • Improvements / fixes for Google signin on mobile (especially iPhone) 📞
  • The Apple app now supports iPad
  • Further UI improvements for devices

And a bugfix:

  • Hourly users can now book upto midnight if their work schedule permits

Happy Friday, take some time off, get out there and see the world! 🌎

UI Improvements

We've improved the screen for cancelling your Timetastic account, to make it clearer what you're about to do (😬)

We've also improved the UI and layout for iPads

Editing user profiles

One for Admins/Department bosses:

You can now edit/update a user's profile 📋 from their calendar.

Just click their name, edit what you need and save. ✅


Privacy & speed improvements

We've improved the way we store, update and serve Avatars for better privacy 🔏 and much more speed 🏎.

You might notice the Wallchart and Users pages loading faster now.

Bug fixes

  • IOS Google SSO bug fixed
  • Locked dates bugs fixed
  • Mobile tweaks