Another week, another maintenance release

A couple of small improvements today:

  • We've tweaked the way we load user profile photos as, in some circumstances, we were inadvertently trying to load non-existent images.
  • We've upgraded a client library to ensure that we're keeping up to date with maintenance releases by our platform providers (ever seen the film "Inception"? 🕶 ).

Let's call it a "Maintenance Release"

Happy Monday! Couple of small things today..

Security 🔐 - This release sees a limit on the number of login attempts you're allowed before your account is locked for a while.

Back End Stuff - We've fixed a couple of back end niggles and issues, to keep things running ship-shape 🛳

That's all for now. 👋

Design update 🙌

Today we start the long journey to updating the main Timetastic design to be in line with our new branding. You've already noticed the website's been updated so this change is the start of removing all the purple and moving us to the new colour scheme in Timetastic itself.

We've outlined the main reasons for these changes in the blog here:

But to summarise that post, this will make accessibility, contrast and readability better for everyone in the long term.

If you spot some purple somewhere that we've missed, drop us a tweet and we'll fix it in the next update 🙂

More timezone fixes

Our previous fix for the Wallchart only tackled part of the problem: the start of the default date range to show.

This one goes a little further and improves the accuracy of that, as well as correctly highlighting "today" for your current timezone.

Email Sending Improvements

A big update to our email sending capability has just launched. Email summaries now arrive much nearer to the time they're supposed to and other emails aren't delayed during peak times.

Today we've got our email mojo back! 💃🕺

So, from now on you should see:

1) Email summaries being delivered much closer to the time you actually want them to arrive ⏱

2) Birthday reminders should be delivered more consistently close to 9am 🎉

3) Lower latency from any other email (holiday booking, password reset etc.) Even during peak times. 🏎

4) Got an email summary with 300 people off? You'll actually receive it now! 🙌, But we'll crop it to the first 50 absences with a link to the rest so your inbox doesn't reject it.

As well as that we've made email processing more reliable, so there's a more thorough retry mechanism before we fallback to our normal retry queue. 👍

Various Robustifications

We've rolled up a few changes and tightened some edge cases up in various places:

  • Made it more clear what's happened when a department was moved or deleted by another user while you had the page open.
  • More forgiving Webhook disable logic - we now only count failures to deliver, not retries
  • Fixed the Carry forward rounding on the input.

Wallchart Timezone fixes

Some fixes to make the Wallchart show up on the right day for our users on the other side of the planet.

The broken link in the "Booked" emails is also fixed.

Small security update

Technical: Just a small security update this morning to disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 and set 1.2 as our minimum.

This affects around 0.1% of our traffic so we're not expecting anyone to notice as 1.2 is widely in use now.

Anyone experiencing connection issues as of 09:30 this morning will need to update their software stack to make sure TLS 1.2 is supported.

Backend updates

We fixed an issue where if you had a non deducting booking the deduction would say "none days" - so now it just says "none".

Some logging improvements and updates to our billing system too.

Birthday reminder and reset password fixes

We noticed the user who signed up wasn't automatically enrolled for birthday reminders, so we fixed that.

We fixed some issues where password resets or login links wouldn't work.

As well as that, unsubscribing from marketing emails will now remove you from the Blog mailing list too if you're subscribed to that.