DMARC enforced for emails

More of a technical backend change this time to get better email delivery and less chance of someone impersonating us for a phishing attack or spam.

You shouldn't see any changes, but we send nearly half a million emails a month at the moment. If after today you stop getting emails from Timetastic, get in touch and we'll look into it.

Report Updates

We've rolled up a few improvements to the reporting to make your Excel time a bit easier.

What's changed?

  • The User ID is now in the Allowances Report 🙌
  • All reports now come with Excel's filtering on by default ✅
  • The Allowances Report and Audit Logs now align to A:1
  • All reports have a timestamp and the filter data (if applicable) in file properties
  • The Allowances Report year is now part of the name of the sheet rather than an individual cell
  • Report generation is a bit quicker

Other things

We've improved the way we build our scripts and assets so we can start to more easily use modern JS everywhere in Timetastic which means building cool stuff is easier for us and works better for you. 🧱

Birthday Reminder Emails 🍰

Cake is the main only reason to celebrate a birthday at work.

Now, if your users have a birthday coming up we'll send a quick reminder by email three days before the big day.

So you can buy a Colin the Caterpillar cake and furtively run around getting a card signed 🤣

You can turn the emails on or off in Preferences.

Webhook Timeouts increased

Our timeouts were perhaps a little harsh for those of you using serverless infrastructure and code that took time to spin up. We're gathering more data and analysing usage but we've increased the webhook timeouts for everyone. 👍

Font clashing fixed

We had a few instances of fonts clashing into eachother on some of our dialogs for Locked Dates and Public Holidays. We've fixed that now.

If you spot anything that looks strange, let us know!

Webhooks in the API

This one has been requested on and off since we launched the API so we're happy to unleash it.

Webhooks are here 🎣. Now you can receive HTTP calls when leave events happen in Timetastic with the details. In near real time. Directly to your servers.

Developers if you're polling us for updates, this one's for you 😊

All the juicy detail is in the API docs:

Built something cool with our API? Let us know on Twitter

Maintenance release

Just a small one. We've improved some of the backend monitoring for the app. Email addresses are also validated better now too. Enjoy :)

Billing upgrade

We've completely overhauled our entire billing system, moving everything to Stripe Subscriptions. Hopefully nobody noticed.

New features:

  • You can now enter your billing address and we'll put it on your invoices. Head to Settings > Billing and add it there.

  • You can now set a different company name on the bills to your Wallchart.

We improved Vat number validation too.

Public Holidays in Slack Posts

Fixed an issue where Slack posts would still show absences for users on Public Holidays if you'd removed those dates from your Public Holiday listing in Settings.

More performance

That's right, this is part two of our never ending series on "make Timetastic better". Nothing public facing for this, it's all backend changes.


  • Modified our caching layer to more or less double the effectiveness of it - speeding up everything for everyone.


  • Tightened up an edge case around incomplete signups so their data is completely sandboxed.
  • Improved the experience for returning users who didn't complete their signup.
  • Backend libraries updated.
  • Cache invalidation is now improved so the very rare case of "I updated this and it's not changed" should be gone.
  • Fixed some small layout issues on the G Suite import.