Email Sending Improvements

A big update to our email sending capability has just launched. Email summaries now arrive much nearer to the time they’re supposed to and other emails aren’t delayed during peak times.

Today we’ve got our email mojo back! 💃🕺

So, from now on you should see:

1) Email summaries being delivered much closer to the time you actually want them to arrive ⏱

2) Birthday reminders should be delivered more consistently close to 9am 🎉

3) Lower latency from any other email (holiday booking, password reset etc.) Even during peak times. 🏎

4) Got an email summary with 300 people off? You’ll actually receive it now! 🙌, But we’ll crop it to the first 50 absences with a link to the rest so your inbox doesn’t reject it.

As well as that we’ve made email processing more reliable, so there’s a more thorough retry mechanism before we fallback to our normal retry queue. 👍