New user onboarding tips

We've redesigned and improved the new user onboarding tips with a fresh design and more relevant information. 🖌️

Onboarding your staff to Timetastic just got a bit easier for everyone. 🙋‍♂️

We've also updated the Slack daily summary to fix an issue with Slack where sometimes some users would be cut off the end of the post. 

New Email Designs

Some of our emails have remained the same since Timetastic Day 1 and they were a bit (lot) old and tired 🥱. 

So say hello to our new email designs 👋. They're clearer, better for contrast and much more consistent in design. Aligning better with the new mobile app and the new theming on the web app too.

Big design update!

Timetastic has received a subtle new coat of paint 🎨. Our design language has evolved, we've tackled readability, accessibility and contrast so you should now see a much more consistent Timetastic.

The main things are the blue background on form fields and blue buttons. The previous colour was green, but green is particularly difficult to a decent contrast ratio for those with visual impairments.

There design tweaks also make Timetastic more consistent with the mobile app.


User Listing page update

Today we're unleashing  our revised user listing page with badges showing users who are admins 👑 and those who have two factor authentication 🔐 on.

There's loads of small improvements here for resending user invites 📨, seeing who hasn't logged in and the archived user listing is revamped too. 

Other things that have improved:

1) Changing your photo on the users page now updates it instantly everywhere instead of you having to reload the page to change it.

2) We fixed a very obscure edge case where sometimes locked dates would save with either no reason, or the wrong reason. 

3) Developers! 👷 The API docs are being given some TLC, we've got a postman collection for you and many improvements to the docs have shipped in the last few days. 

User-based Data Export & Pre-start Days

We have a couple of things new for April:

User-based Data Export

In Preferences -> Data Export you can now get a zip of all your Timetastic data. Everything from logins, attachments, all your holidays, everything. 💼

For those of you wanting to keep records for GDPR 🔐, or just a copy for you to geek out in Excel with 📊, you can generate one whenever you want.

Pre-start Days

We've also made it easier to see when a user started with you by greying out their pre-start days. Just set a user's start date and your wallchart will do the rest:

New! Booking form attachments

Today we launch something that we've been working on for a little attachments! 🎉 For example, if you're booking time off as a sick day, you can now attach a photo of your doctor's note.

This isn't limited to sick days - if you want to gloat about the weather forecast for your upcoming beach holiday, you could attach a screenshot of the local weather report  😎 

For this first release it's just a desktop function, but fear not, the mobile app will have the feature in the coming days.

New! Set your Business hours

You can now set your business hours in Timetastic.

And when you add new users they'll get those hours by default when they're created. 👍

It's all done in Settings > General: 

Settings gets a makeover

Today we're really happy to share something we've been working on for months. Our new and improved settings section.

In short it's cleaner, more accessible, easier to navigate and just makes more sense than the old "grid of doom" that forced you to navigate back and forward.

New additions

- Destructive actions like account cancellation and changing leave year are now handled in the Danger Zone (Top Gun soundtrack optional ✈️)

- Public holidays now show you the number of users assigned to a location and the number of days in this calendar year for that location

- The API docs have moved to Integrations

There's a huge number of improvements to text contrast, copy, colours, and accessibility and it's far too much to wrap up in this post. Click around, see how you get on 🙂

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