Wallchart Timezone fixes

Some fixes to make the Wallchart show up on the right day for our users on the other side of the planet.

The broken link in the “Booked” emails is also fixed.

Birthday reminder and reset password fixes

We noticed the user who signed up wasn’t automatically enrolled for birthday reminders, so we fixed that.

We fixed some issues where password resets or login links wouldn’t work.

As well as that, unsubscribing from marketing emails will now remove you from the Blog mailing list too if you’re subscribed to that.

Small email robustification

In rare cases large emails, or email summary emails wouldn’t be sent.

We’ve rolled out some robustifications to the email generator and queueing to handle this better.

Font clashing fixed

We had a few instances of fonts clashing into eachother on some of our dialogs for Locked Dates and Public Holidays. We’ve fixed that now.

If you spot anything that looks strange, let us know!


  • Fixed an issue where you can add multiple bank holidays to a single day 😱
  • Sorted a problem where booking the last day of the year off won’t show up in your annual summary report for that year.

More fixes

The carry forward date is displayed correctly now in Settings.

The Colour Blind toggle was showing in the user edit page on mobile. Fixed that.

Adding TOIL only showed the delete button on the 1st row until you reloaded it. Fixed that too 🙂

A few fixes

Backend fixes and behind the scenes work to enable some future security updates, of course we’ll tell you about when they’re done.

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