Another week, another maintenance release

A couple of small improvements today:

  • We’ve tweaked the way we load user profile photos as, in some circumstances, we were inadvertently trying to load non-existent images.
  • We’ve upgraded a client library to ensure that we’re keeping up to date with maintenance releases by our platform providers (ever seen the film “Inception”? 🕶 ).

Design update 🙌

Today we start the long journey to updating the main Timetastic design to be in line with our new branding. You’ve already noticed the website’s been updated so this change is the start of removing all the purple and moving us to the new colour scheme in Timetastic itself.

We’ve outlined the main reasons for these changes in the blog here:

But to summarise that post, this will make accessibility, contrast and readability better for everyone in the long term.

If you spot some purple somewhere that we’ve missed, drop us a tweetand we’ll fix it in the next update 🙂

New: Opt in to API notifications

Good news for API users, you can opt in to receive email updates for both the API and Webhooks.

Turn the notifications on in SETTINGS > API Webhooks.

What things will I be notified of?

  • Advanced notice of API changes. Giving you time to adapt your integration and work with the changes.
  • Technical upgrades or changes. Think SSL changes, browser support.
  • If we automatically disable Webhooks due to continual failures.

We recommend at least two technical users have this enabled, just so we can keep you up to date with what’s going on - the emails will be very infrequent and you can turn it off at any time.

Deductions on the book form

When booking time off we now show you the deduction that’ll be used from your allowance.

It’s updated in real time as you change dates and takes into account your work schedule and any non working days.

More flexibility in your Work Schedules 📅

Probably our most requested feature, we’re pleased to announce you can now have multiple work schedules set against an employee, with date ranges for each schedule.

So if one of your team goes part time, or works alternating weeks, you can now reflect that accurately in Timetastic.

There’s a walkthrough video from Gary here:

📣 Upgrade: Things just got faster 🚀

Small update, but well worth an announcement.

You should see Timetastic is a fair bit snappier from now on, we’ve just upgraded our infrastructure to use faster storage and processors with more memory.

For the technically minded, we’ve upgraded our instances to Azure’s P2V2 tier which in our testing showed between 30% and 40% performance boost on our hottest pages.

Birthday Reminder Emails 🍰

Cake is the main only reason to celebrate a birthday at work.

Now, if your users have a birthday coming up we’ll send a quick reminder by email three days before the big day.

So you can buy a Colin the Caterpillar cake and furtively run around getting a card signed 🤣

You can turn the emails on or off in Preferences.

Webhooks in the API

This one has been requested on and off since we launched the API so we’re happy to unleash it.

Webhooks are here 🎣. Now you can receive HTTP calls when leave events happen in Timetastic with the details. In near real time. Directly to your servers.

Developers if you’re polling us for updates, this one’s for you 😊

All the juicy detail is in the API docs:

Built something cool with our API? Let us know on Twitter

Billing upgrade

We’ve completely overhauled our entire billing system, moving everything to Stripe Subscriptions. Hopefully nobody noticed.

New features:

  • You can now enter your billing address and we’ll put it on your invoices. Head to Settings > Billing and add it there.
  • You can now set a different company name on the bills to your Wallchart.

We improved Vat number validation too.

New Public Holiday Countries

We now support over 250 countries and over 3000 different geographical regions for Public Holidays.

Your existing custom locations remain if you had any. Both newly selected and existing regions will be updated and maintained automatically.

Oh and we updated the flags too.

Select a Public Holiday region from the Allowances tab in a user’s profile and we’ll take care of the rest.

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