Slack app updated

Inline with Slack's new policies and better privacy controls, we've updated the Timetastic Slack app. No new features, but much tighter privacy controls which we're always happy to implement.

For our Pro users, there's also a fix to a bug on the Insights Annual leave chart where some bookings would be allocated to the wrong month.

New card entry form


We've seen a gentle upward trend in declined card payments recently - we know it can be frustrating when something should just work but doesn't.

With that in mind, we're now collecting cardholder name and Postcode/ZIP when entering or updating your card details. This should improve the success rate of our collections meaning you can get on with work instead of logging in and updating card details if they fail.

We took the time to make the saved card form a bit nicer too, we can't resist a design tweak 😄


In addition, we've fixed an issue where the "Performing user" on a webhook event was always set to the user who booked the absence, rather than the user who performed the action. Webhook users should see performing user data is correct for all event types now.

Summary emails now state your department

We've improved the summary emails to tell you more about the type of summary you're getting so you'll see the department name.

If you're a pro user you'll see whether the summary is for the whole organisation, or people you manage too.

We've also rounded up some fixes to the allowance setting of a new user and made sending weekly summary emails more reliable in some edge case scenarios.

User preferences page goes SMALL!

Hi there.

We've got big things coming soon for mobile users, but in the meantime we're still updating the existing pages and making everything nicer...

So yeah, the preferences page. You might have noticed that on mobile it didn't look great. We've addressed that and given it some love. It now looks like this:

Which is, I'm sure you'll agree, a big improvement over what we previously had. 

Thanks for reading, have a nice day :)

Uploader and Reports improvements


The user uploader wasn't great at telling you why your upload might have failed, so we've improved it to be better at handling different date formats in CSV uploads and telling you more about what could be wrong (or right) about your upload.  


The reports change last week introduced some unnecessary fields on some report sheets. We've sorted that out so only relevant fields are shown now. Apologies if you've just adjusted your macros!

There's some more improvements, fixes and tweaks as with all of our releases too.

New Report column layout


The Summary and Backup reports now have a standardised column layout for users so you can now reference them by ID, payroll ID, and their first and surnames. 📊

Payroll ID?

Yes, as some of you will be aware, we're beta testing a Timetastic Pro plan and Payroll ID is one of the new fields you can add to a user if you're on the Pro plan. We'll be reaching out to more companies to test our Pro plan before we launch it properly in the future. So keep an eye out for that, there's some really good stuff in it. 👌


We fixed the issues saving Webhook URLs and a few other issues on the Webhooks API page.  🐛🔨

Let's call it a "Maintenance Release"

Happy Monday! Couple of small things today..

Security 🔐 - This release sees a limit on the number of login attempts you’re allowed before your account is locked for a while.

Back End Stuff - We’ve fixed a couple of back end niggles and issues, to keep things running ship-shape 🛳

That’s all for now. 👋

Email Sending Improvements

A big update to our email sending capability has just launched. Email summaries now arrive much nearer to the time they’re supposed to and other emails aren’t delayed during peak times.

Today we’ve got our email mojo back! 💃🕺

So, from now on you should see:

1) Email summaries being delivered much closer to the time you actually want them to arrive ⏱

2) Birthday reminders should be delivered more consistently close to 9am 🎉

3) Lower latency from any other email (holiday booking, password reset etc.) Even during peak times. 🏎

4) Got an email summary with 300 people off? You’ll actually receive it now! 🙌, But we’ll crop it to the first 50 absences with a link to the rest so your inbox doesn’t reject it.

As well as that we’ve made email processing more reliable, so there’s a more thorough retry mechanism before we fallback to our normal retry queue. 👍

Various Robustifications

We’ve rolled up a few changes and tightened some edge cases up in various places:

  • Made it more clear what’s happened when a department was moved or deleted by another user while you had the page open.
  • More forgiving Webhook disable logic - we now only count failures to deliver, not retries
  • Fixed the Carry forward rounding on the input.
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