Small security update

Technical: Just a small security update this morning to disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 and set 1.2 as our minimum.

This affects around 0.1% of our traffic so we’re not expecting anyone to notice as 1.2 is widely in use now.

Anyone experiencing connection issues as of 09:30 this morning will need to update their software stack to make sure TLS 1.2 is supported.

Backend updates

We fixed an issue where if you had a non deducting booking the deduction would say “none days” - so now it just says “none”.

Some logging improvements and updates to our billing system too.

Another day, another update.

It’s all about the backend today:

  • Upgrade to the latest backend platform, which gives us all the latest security and performance improvements
  • Some more robustifications on the backend
  • Logging improvements in… you guessed it, the backend

🔙 🔚 🎉

A very boring update.

All improvements are important. It’s just that some are harder to get excited by :)

So here we have:

  • Further improvements to Invoice emails
  • Fixed issue adding multiple work schedules in IE11


New Email Designs!

We’ve updated our Email designs, so for any emails about holiday bookings you’ll now see our much nicer, responsive emails. They’re clearer, easier to read and work with dark mode in your email clients

The Isle of Man is the UK!

Well that’s what we needed to tell our billing system, in order to fully support signups from the Isle of man. So any potential new signups from that neck of the woods will now get the correct price plan etc.

Also some more backend logging improvements.

Set an allowance when you add a user

There’s a lot packed into this update!

Slight change when adding a user to make things both clearer and ensure accuracy of data from the outset. You now specify annual allowance and start date on the form when you are adding the user. Timetastic will suggest a pro-rata calculation based their start date. 📋

Alongside this, we’ve changed the pro rata calculation to align with the same logic the UK government suggests in their calculation.

Pro rata is now more reliably offered when you create a user with a start date in your year. It’s now also offered to mobile users too! 📱

And you can pro rata for a user starting next year.

This is the first step in our journey to simplifying and improving our allowance setup.

Other fixes

  • Fixed the “Change Photo” function in the Profile modal for non Admin users.
  • Fixed the Book form not showing up when you try to book time off on a locked date
  • Fixed an issue in the API where records might show up in multiple pages

DMARC enforced for emails

More of a technical backend change this time to get better email delivery and less chance of someone impersonating us for a phishing attack or spam.

You shouldn’t see any changes, but we send nearly half a million emails a month at the moment. If after today you stop getting emails from Timetastic, get in touch and we’ll look into it.

Report Updates

We’ve rolled up a few improvements to the reporting to make your Excel time a bit easier.

What’s changed?

  • The User ID is now in the Allowances Report 🙌
  • All reports now come with Excel’s filtering on by default ✅
  • The Allowances Report and Audit Logs now align to A:1
  • All reports have a timestamp and the filter data (if applicable) in file properties
  • The Allowances Report year is now part of the name of the sheet rather than an individual cell
  • Report generation is a bit quicker

Other things

We’ve improved the way we build our scripts and assets so we can start to more easily use modern JS everywhere in Timetastic which means building cool stuff is easier for us and works better for you. 🧱

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