Email Sending Improvements

A big update to our email sending capability has just launched. Email summaries now arrive much nearer to the time they’re supposed to and other emails aren’t delayed during peak times.

Today we’ve got our email mojo back! 💃🕺

So, from now on you should see:

1) Email summaries being delivered much closer to the time you actually want them to arrive ⏱

2) Birthday reminders should be delivered more consistently close to 9am 🎉

3) Lower latency from any other email (holiday booking, password reset etc.) Even during peak times. 🏎

4) Got an email summary with 300 people off? You’ll actually receive it now! 🙌, But we’ll crop it to the first 50 absences with a link to the rest so your inbox doesn’t reject it.

As well as that we’ve made email processing more reliable, so there’s a more thorough retry mechanism before we fallback to our normal retry queue. 👍

Various Robustifications

We’ve rolled up a few changes and tightened some edge cases up in various places:

  • Made it more clear what’s happened when a department was moved or deleted by another user while you had the page open.
  • More forgiving Webhook disable logic - we now only count failures to deliver, not retries
  • Fixed the Carry forward rounding on the input.

Small security update

Technical: Just a small security update this morning to disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 and set 1.2 as our minimum.

This affects around 0.1% of our traffic so we’re not expecting anyone to notice as 1.2 is widely in use now.

Anyone experiencing connection issues as of 09:30 this morning will need to update their software stack to make sure TLS 1.2 is supported.

Backend updates

We fixed an issue where if you had a non deducting booking the deduction would say “none days” - so now it just says “none”.

Some logging improvements and updates to our billing system too.

Birthday reminder and reset password fixes

We noticed the user who signed up wasn’t automatically enrolled for birthday reminders, so we fixed that.

We fixed some issues where password resets or login links wouldn’t work.

As well as that, unsubscribing from marketing emails will now remove you from the Blog mailing list too if you’re subscribed to that.

Another day, another update.

It’s all about the backend today:

  • Upgrade to the latest backend platform, which gives us all the latest security and performance improvements
  • Some more robustifications on the backend
  • Logging improvements in… you guessed it, the backend

🔙 🔚 🎉

A very boring update.

All improvements are important. It’s just that some are harder to get excited by :)

So here we have:

  • Further improvements to Invoice emails
  • Fixed issue adding multiple work schedules in IE11


New: Opt in to API notifications

Good news for API users, you can opt in to receive email updates for both the API and Webhooks.

Turn the notifications on in SETTINGS > API Webhooks.

What things will I be notified of?

  • Advanced notice of API changes. Giving you time to adapt your integration and work with the changes.
  • Technical upgrades or changes. Think SSL changes, browser support.
  • If we automatically disable Webhooks due to continual failures.

We recommend at least two technical users have this enabled, just so we can keep you up to date with what’s going on - the emails will be very infrequent and you can turn it off at any time.

New Email Designs!

We’ve updated our Email designs, so for any emails about holiday bookings you’ll now see our much nicer, responsive emails. They’re clearer, easier to read and work with dark mode in your email clients

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